He didn’t know how long they been talking. Last time he checked there still had been people from work, but now it was just them. She was recounting a childhood memory of being dragged around by her parents, sightseeing in France and how the Chateau d’Usse had been used as a model for the Disney logo. Her story started off quite flat, but when she started remembering, her eyes grew a fraction larger and started shining. It distracted him. Now she was talking about her brother and his search for meaning. Suddenly her coat was on. She has a train to catching. Leaving a twenty bill for the check, too much.

Just when she entered the station she heard someone behind her. She knew it was him. Turning around she looked him in the eye as he caught his breath, blurting out: ‘Is there something between us?’ Her head turned in the direction of the big clock in the station hall: ‘You coming?’. He missed the beat and she walked through the doors. He watched the seconds hand on the clock move forward. What an idiot! He started running; up the escalator, cutting corners, the signal for the train’s departure sounded. The doors were still open, he jumped and exhaled. Her eyes were shiny.