Emma Dajska


Emma Dajska (an anagram of her real name) is a collage artist and illustrator from Poland. She also is a member of the female artist Ardorous collective and Staff illustrator at RookieMag.
emma-dajska-collages emma-dajska-collagesWhat’s special about collages?
You destroy something to make something new and different out of it, and this paradox creates a special kind of tension. emma-dajska-collagesemma-dajska-collages emma-dajska-collages What is beauty to you and how do you define beauty?
The human particle: shaky line, errors, imperfections, slight shifts in symmetry. I try to embrace my flaws and flaws are what attracts me the most both in art and in people.  emma-dajska-collagesemma-dajska-collages emma-dajska-collages1

All work © Emma Dajska
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