Cool Dud | Mr. Hulot

oncle house 255c vd fully crr wmThe first time I saw the film Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot (1953) I realized where Rowan Atkinson got his inspiration for Mr. Bean. Monsieur Hulot is the clumsy alter ego of Jacques Tati (1907-82), the French filmmaker, actor, and screenwriter. Born Jacques Tatischeff he enjoyed a long career writing, directing and starring in his own films, winning several awards, including a foreign film Oscar. Coming from a mime background his characters have few lines. But sound design, created in post-production, plays an important role in his films. Personal favorites are Jour de Fète, Mon Oncle and the wonderful Playtime, for which he created an entire set – Tativille – with his architect/art-director, Eugene Roman, just outside of Paris. Shot on 70mm it really deserves to seen on a big screen.

Jacques-Tati-French-filmmaker-actor-screenwriter-cool-dude-Hulot jour de fete Jacques-Tati-French-filmmaker-actor-screenwriter-cool-dude-Hulot Les Vacanses-Jacques-Tati-French-filmmaker-actor-screenwriter-cool-dude-Hulot mononcleMon-Oncle-Jacques-Tati-French-filmmaker-actor-screenwriter-cool-dude-Hulot playtime-Jacques-Tati-French-filmmaker-actor-screenwriter-cool-dude-Hulot tatidrawingrealityplaytime-Jacques-Tati-French-filmmaker-actor-screenwriter-cool-dude-Hulot
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