The Nine Eyes of Google

Artist Jon Rafman must have a lot of time and patience. For his photo project The Nine Eyes of Google Street View (named for the nine lenses of the Google Street View camera) he scrolls along all the footage to find the hidden gems. The anomalous, weird and beautiful picture that are accidentally captured while the car drives around the streets of the world.

Nine-eyes-Jon-RafmanNine-eyes-Jon-RafmanNine-eyes-Jon-RafmanNine-eyes-Jon-Rafman Nine-eyes-Jon-Rafman Nine-eyes-Jon-RafmanNine-eyes-Jon-Rafman Nine-eyes-Jon-RafmanNine-eyes-Jon-RafmanNine-eyes-Jon-Rafman Nine-eyes-Jon-RafmanNine-eyes-Jon-RafmanNine-eyes-Jon-Rafman
All images by Jon Rafman