The Art of Cleaning Up

Ursus Wehrli is a Swiss artist and comedian that likes to clean up artworks. For his series Tidying Up Art he has deconstructed famous paintings by organizing their elements by color, size, shape.tidying-up-art-ursus-wehrli tidying-up-art-ursus-wehrlitidying-up-art-ursus-wehrli-Schieletidying-up-art-ursus-wehrlitidying-up-art-ursus-wehrli tidying-up-art-ursus-wehrli tidying-up-art-ursus-wehrliHe also applies his urge to rearrange things to other situations as well. He has published several books on the subject. tidying-up-art-ursus-wehrli tidying-up-art-ursus-wehrlitidying-up-art-ursus-wehrli tidying-up-art-ursus-wehrlitidying-up-art-ursus-wehrlitidying-up-art-ursus-wehrli Want to give it a go yourself or learn more about the process? Check his website or TED-talk:

All images © Ursus Wehrli