Bodies Mix

Vinyl record sleeves can be a fun inspiration. Christian Marclay, a NY-based composer and visual artist has created a series of collages – often surreal – made up of album covers.  collage-album-art-christia-marclaycollage-album-art-christia-marclay collage-album-art-christia-marclaycollage-album-art-christia-marclay collage-album-art-christia-marclay collage-album-art-christia-marclay

He is also the creator of The Clock. An art installation consisting of a looped 24-hour video collage that works as a clock. It portrays selected scenes from films and television programs with references to the time of day. The idea was born with the thought if it was possible to find a scene for every minute of the day. Marclay won the Golden Lion at the 2011 Venice Biennale with the work.

All images © Christian Marclay