Snail Trails

Boston-based artist Daniel Ranalli uses snails to ‘draw’. The result of this interesting collaboration is his Snail Drawings series. In the left photograph, the artist has neatly ordered the snails. On the right, you can see how the snail trails form intricate lines and patterns.snail-drawings-daniel-ranallisnail-drawings-daniel-ranalliDR: This series is based on the drawings made by snails on the wet sand in the intertidal zone. They are part of an ongoing series of works involving collaboration between the snails and me. I choreograph the snails starting positions, and then photograph the marks they make over time. snail-drawings-daniel-ranalli snail-drawings-daniel-ranalliDR: I tend to think of the snail pieces as a metaphor for the order we establish in our lives, and how the element of chance shape the result -regardless of how much we attempt to structure it.  snail-drawings-daniel-ranalli

All images © Danial Ranalli

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