Edward S. Curtis

Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868 – 1952) was an American photographer and ethnologist most famous for his extensive documentation of Native Americans. His publication The North American Indian, a 20-volume work was created between 1907 – 1930 and commissioned by his patron J.P. Morgan. Not only did he photograph members of over 80 tribes, he also made wax recordings of music and language. He documented many aspects of Native American life. Traditional foods, clothing, customs and ceremonies, because he felt it was important to do so before this way life disappeared forever.
the_north_american_indian-edward-curtis-02the_north_american_indian-edward-curtis-bookESC: I want to make them [American Indians] live forever. It’s such a big dream I can’t see it all.the_north_american_indian-edward-curtis-sioux2the_north_american_indian-edward-curtis-siouxthe_north_american_indian-edward-curtisthe_north_american_indian-edward-curtis-04the_north_american_indian-edward-curtis-slow-bulthe_north_american_indian-edward-curtis-hesquiat the_north_american_indian-edward-curtis-yellow-horsethe_north_american_indian-edward-curtis-01the_north_american_indian-edward-curtis-yuma the_north_american_indian-edward-curtis-cheyenne-warriors the_north_american_indian-edward-curtis-crow-camp

All images by Edward S. Curtis are in the public domain.