An Echo of Lillian

This fragment is like an echo the past, showing Lillian Russell in the film How to Live 100 Years (1913)

Lillian Russell (1861 – 1922) was one of the most famous actresses and singers during the Gilded Age. Not only did she have a beautiful voice and presence, she was also known for her extravagant lifestyle. She performed in both in the United States and London, starring in operettas, musical theater, and vaudeville. After she retired around 1919, she started writing a newspaper column advocating women’s suffrage. Her mother Cynthia Leonard, a feminist writer had been the first woman to run for mayor in New York.

In 1922 she went on a diplomatic mission to Europe and went on to advise president Harding on her finding on immigration. She later died of injuries gotten during the trip. Thousands attended her military funeral, including many actors and politicians.