Hawaiian Pastels

Honolulu-based photographer Aryton Page is currently obsessed with the minimal aesthetic. These surreal photographs show a different side of Hawaii, captured in lovely pastels the islands indeed seem like paradise.

13-arytron-pink-hawaii-photography14-arytron-pink-hawaii-photographyAP: I love to experiment with colors and perspective; I’m always striving to see everyday things in a different way, and in turn, I hope to get others to do the same.  hawaiian7-arytron-pink-hawaii-photography 10-arytron-pink-hawaii-photography 8-arytron-pink-hawaii-photography 12-arytron-pink-hawaii-photography 9-arytron-pink-hawaii-photography 1-arytron-pink-hawaii-photography 4-arytron-pink-hawaii-photography

All images © Arytron Page