Seven Sutherland Sisters-long-hair

Seven Hairy Sisters

The Seven Sutherland Sisters with hair as long Rapunzel‘s. Born in poverty the sisters were turned into an touring musical act by their father when their mother died. Later he had the clever idea to use his offspring as models for his self concocted hair tonic (part witch-hazel water, part rum and a touch of salt).

Seven Sutherland Sisters-long-hair

The girls and the product became a huge success and the family started making millions during the Gilded Era. Their wild parties were notorious. But in the end family feuds, love triangles, drug use, rumors of witchcraft and extravagant spending – combined with the rise of the flapper and her bobbed hair – meant the end of their winning streak. They all died in destitute. Boy, do I love some good vintage gossip!

Seven Sutherland Sisters-long-hairSeven Sutherland Sisters