Dare alle Luce Amy Friend

Dare Alla Luce

For her series Dare Alla Luce (Italian for ‘to bring to light) Canadian artist Amy Friend uses vintage photographs and pierces them with tiny pinholes. Then she illuminates the image from behind, thus  producing star-like patterns of light. By re-photographing she creates new work filled with mystery and nostalgia.Dare alle Luce Amy Friend On her website, Friend states: I have continued to work on the Dare alla Luce series over a period of time; initially responding to a collection of vintage photographs, retrieved from a variety of sources. Through hand-manipulated interventions I alter and subsequently re-photograph the images “re-making” photographs that oscillate between what is present and absent. I aim to comment on the fragile quality of the photographic object but also on the fragility of our lives, our history. All are lost so easily.Dare alle Luce Amy Friend Dare alle Luce Amy FrienddarkhairredlipsphotoboothDare alle Luce Amy FriendDare alle Luce Amy Friend

All images © Amy Friend

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