Birth Adolph_Hirémy-Hirschl_The_Birth_of_Venus-calssical_painting_fallfromthetree

Birth of Venus

The Birth of Venus – the Roman goddess born from the foam of the sea. Her creation occurred after the castration of sky god Caelus, when the blood from his amputated genitals mixed with sea water. I love Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl’s version of the myth. We see Venus opening her eyes with waves crashing around her as her long hair flows in the frothy current. Such a lush painting. The Hungarian artist Hirémy-Hirschl (1860–1933) had a special interest in historical and mythological themes. He was an excellent draftsman and a successful fin-de-siècle artist in Vienna, but this was later overshadowed by the rise of the Vienna Secessionists, such as Gustav Klimt.


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