Plastic Fantastic

Can you fall in love with an inanimate object? Can you be intimate when the relationship is a one-way street? Can a hyper-realistic plastic doll fill the loneliness that aches inside? This is something South Korean photographer June Korea explores in his photographic essay Still Lives: Eva.
JK: “Many people are interested in the project and my life because it has to do with such an uncanny subject matter they have rarely seen. However, Eva and I are metaphors – metaphors of our emotions and relationships with humans, cats, dogs, A.I.s, and people living in this lonely world. I hope viewers to find deeper meanings hidden underneath such metaphors, rather than just focusing on the subjects themselves. In the artificial eternity I constructed, I hope for myself and viewers who are struggling with different types of emotions everyday, that we can find more meaning by sharing stories of the solitude in our lives.”
Plastic Fantastic-still-lives-eva-june-koreaPlastic Fantastic-still-lives-eva-june-korea Plastic Fantastic-still-lives-eva-june-koreastill-lives-eva-june-korea-6 still-lives-eva-june-korea-12Plastic Fantastic-still-lives-eva-june-korea

All photographs © June Korea

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