Super Flemish

What if Superman was born in the sixteenth century? And what if the Hulk was a Duke?

French photographer Sasha Goldberger has created Super Flemish. A series of photographs where he combines American childhood super heroes with the Flemish tradition of portraiture. Mimicking the poses of the Low Lands nobility, we now see the heroes quietly seated.

Sasha-Goldberger-Super-Flemish-JokerSasha-Goldberger-Super-Flemish-BatmanTogether with a team of more than 100 collaborators Goldberger dressed these modern day superheroes (& villains) in 17th-century versions of their costumes. By using sober lighting, Goldberger adds an extra dimension to these characters; one of stillness instead their usually high energy, action-packed lives.  Sasha-Goldberger-Super-Flemish-Catwoman Sasha-Goldberger-Super-Flemish-threeSasha-Goldberger-Super-Flemish-Ironman Sasha-Goldberger-Super-Flemish-Hulk Sasha-Goldberger-Super-Flemish-CaptAmerica Sasha-Goldberger-Super-Flemish-WonderWoman Sasha-Goldberger-Super-Flemish-DarthVader Sasha-Goldberger-Super-Flemish-Robin

All images © sachagoldberger
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