Haruka Misawa Flowers

Tiny Pencil Flowers

Sometimes a great idea is inspired by simply seeing things differently. Japanese artist Haruka Misawa looked at the shavings of her sharpened pencil and was reminded of flower petals.

“I thought I could reproduce that stunning impression in a more crystallized way using layers of paper, so that a flower blossoms when a pencil-shaped cylindrical scroll of paper is sharpened… These “pencil” shavings are only about 15mm-40mm in diameter, but a close look reveals individual shavings made of thinly sliced, multi-layered paper.”

Haruka Misawa pencil shavingsHaruka Misawa pencil shavings

HK: “Each Paper Flower will bloom quietly and softly on your desk. Depending on how you sharpen it, the shavings may be thick and heavy, or so thin as to be almost transparent, so you can’t make the same flower twice. Once you’ve created one, you’re bound to try again.”

Haruka Misawa pencil shavingsHaruka Misawa pencil shavings
Haruka Misawa pencil shavingsharuka-misawa-paper-flower
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