Interesting Ladies: Weeki Wachee Mermaids

In the sixties, their job was the epitome of glamour and women from all over the world applied for a coveted position on the team. The Weeki Wachee mermaids displayed their graceful stunts and elegantly choreographed routines in an aquarium-like theater. A special underwater tunnel gave the appearance that the mermaids actually swam up from the deep. Like magic. Apparently Elvis Presley was a huge fan.


Newton Perry was once proclaimed “the best swimmer in America”. The former U.S. Navy Seals trainer learned his skills while lifeguarding. A stunt swimmer and diver, he also coached actor-swimmer Johnny “Tarzan’ Weissmuller and other actors. The coolest thing he did though, was to establish a whimsical tourist attraction in Florida. In 1947 he created an aquarium-like theater in the natural Weeki Wachee spring (Weeki Wachee means “little spring” or “winding river” in the language of Seminole Indians). Perry taught the girls how to do aquatic ballets while smiling, all underwater. Through the use of hidden air hoses, they were seemingly effortlessly able to perform all sorts of acrobatic stunts for up to 30 minutes.
Weeki-Wachee-mermaids-Weeki-Wachee-mermaids-Weeki-Wachee-mermaids- Weeki-Wachee-mermaids- Weeki-Wachee-mermaids- Weeki-Wachee-mermaids- Weeki-Wachee-mermaids-Weeki-Wachee-mermaids-underwater Weeki-Wachee-mermaids- Weeki-Wachee-mermaids-See the mermaids move in this 1964 video (no sound):

Interesting little fact: You can still watch the mermaids perform today.

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