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Interesting Ladies: Grey Gardens

I once went to see a play called Grey Gardens. The theater stage was completely trashed with rubbish and the two actors – in drag – talked simultaneously, while constantly contradicting each other. It was utter chaos. Somehow it all seemed familiar and after about fifteen minutes I suddenly recognized the narrative and the two eccentric characters. It was a stage adaptation of the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens by Albert and David Maysles.

Grey-Gardens-Big-and-little-edieThe film tells the story of Edith Ewing “Big Edie” Bouvier Beale and her daughter “Little Edie” living under dire circumstances in an old decrepitated Long Island mansion surrounded by dozens of cats. the-beales-in-the-entry-hall-of-grey-gardens-1971I have since rewatched the documentary and the story of these former socialites fallen on hard times is mesmerizing to watch. After decades of seclusion, their dialogue is an endless variation of the same argument and their relationship is suffocating, yet tender. Bound together they have become their own private universe for two. Fascinating stuff!Big-and-little-edieLittle-Edie-sunhatBig-Edie-sunhatLittle-Edie-catGrey-Gardens-houseGrey-Gardens-exteriorBig-and-little-edie2

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