Things did not seem to go well for Australian artist Tamara Dean. It was cold, the waves choppy, and the visibility was bad during the shoot that took months to prepare. The idea for her project Endangered was to shoot 21 naked women – like mythical sirens – in choreographed formations five meters underwater. Sirens_Tamara_Dean_EndangeredTamara Dean is an “Australian artist working in the fields of photography, installation and video whose work explores the relationship between humans and the natural world.” Her project Endangered investigates ‘climate change’. TD: “By the end of this century 50% of species living today will face extinction. And humans are not immune. To see ourselves as different and separate to the ecology and ecosystem of our planet is leaving humanity unprepared for the world we are currently destroying…Endangered is the reframing of the notion of ourselves as human beings – mammals in a sensitive ecosystem, as vulnerable to the same forces of climate change as every other living creature.”
Sirens_Tamara_Dean_Endangered Sirens_Tamara_Dean_EndangeredThe day of the shoot was difficult and frustrating, but in the end the results are absolutely stunning. Later when the artist looked at the photos she took that day, “there were an overwhelming number of striking shots from this one. I had to print out 100 images and lay them out and look at combinations before I could make a decision.” Usually she might have five good ones in total. Sirens_Tamara_Dean_EndangeredI love how the women seem like sirens moving gracefully through the water, tempting us to join them into the deep unknown. Very mysterious and alive, like underwater creatures.


All images © Tamara Dean 2018
Martin Browne Contemporary gallery
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